Monograms project your name, logo, theme items or favorite song lyric in lights on your dance floor or on any wall surface at your event – we have the enhancement solution for you. We use our projectors to show your images on the floor or ceiling of your venue. Monograms with custom design is $200.

Grand Rapids Wedding Monogram

The beautiful effects that can be created with lighting is always amazing! Monogram lighting, for example, adds a personalized touch to a reception by putting a couple’s names in lights.  Use monograms create special effects, such as patterns and textures of light on the walls or dance floor. 

We create a custom graphic and project it with professional video projectors, then project your initials, names, wedding date, or anything else onto any surface. This custom logo will also match your photo booths strips.

Names In Lights

The most popular use of monogram lighting is to put a couple’s names and wedding date in lights. For example, a cursive font is perfect for a formal wedding, while a simple font works nicely for a more casual reception.

Custom Designed Monograms

Many couples have a special monogram designed for their wedding to use on invitations and stationary.  Use the design can also be used for projector and photo booth! 

Wedding Theme In Lights

Monogram lighting is a fun way to make your wedding theme pop. Consider two examples of how to incorporate a theme into wedding lighting.  A Cinderella carriage above their names for a Disney theme wedding or a Gateway Arch into the monogram design for their wedding in St. Louis.

Check out of package prices. Combine options and save up to $1,000.

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