Cocktail Hour and Dinner Music

When Do You Play Wedding Dinner Music?

Cocktail Hour and Dinner Music. Music in the background as early as the cocktail hour and right up until the couple’s first dance. You can choose to have a cocktail hour before dinner or skip it. You may even want to change the vibe of the music for cocktail hour and calm it down for dinner.

Background dinner music continues until the end of the main course at a wedding reception. Depending on the chain of events selected by the wedding couple, background dinner music usually plays about an hour and a half. Need help with the order of events? View our common format of a wedding reception article. Cocktail Hour and Dinner Music.

How Much Dinner Music Does A Wedding Reception Need?

That is a great question. The short answer is that it depends. This is why, as a wedding couple, you should have a conversation with us.

If the wedding dinner is a formal, sit-down dinner with courses, you may need at least an hour. Add another half hour for pre-dinner cocktails. Your wedding planner will help you decide when the dinner music should end.

A black-tie event will have different background music than a backyard cookout. Music outdoors can be louder because the sound will escape the area.

Background Music Isn’t Dance Music

We know that “Baby Got Back” brings back some great memories, but your wedding guests are trying to eat. You know Aunt Margaret is going to get up and start dancing in the middle of the courses if you play that song. Don’t let her embarrass herself — at least yet.

Think about dinner music as background music — music barely noticed. It sets the tone for the evening. It allows people to have conversations. It’s not the dominant sound. It’s in the back of the noise. Think of it as toe tapping, not ground breaking.

Dinner Music & Cocktail Hour Ideas

One way to choose the wedding dinner music is to honor a relative that has passed. You can do this by including their favorite genre or song. It’s a gentle nod and not a distraction.

What Dinner Songs Are Your Favorite?

What vibe do you prefer while you’re eating? Something fast or something relaxed? Do you want to honor a genre or a memory? We want to know your favorites, too. What dinner background or cocktail hour songs should we add to our list?

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